Strategic Communication, Case Study 1

CLIENT: Connecticut Secretary of State, Susan Bysiewicz

AGENCY: Bauza & Associates

PROBLEM: Susan Bysiewicz, The Connecticut Secretary of State, launched the Spanish campaign Tu Voto Si Cuenta (Your Vote Counts), taking the challenge to register 10,000 new Hispanic voters in a 2 month-period for the 2008 national and state elections.

CULTURAL INSIGHTS: The voting systems in Latin American countries are different compared to the US, they do not require previous registration to vote.

ACTION: I created an educational campaign to stress the social responsibility of voter registration and the importance of being an active citizen. I pitched articles to traditional media and I used social media outlets to create cost effective awareness. I also built partnerships with media to spread the word through their social network. Finally, I worked in collaboration with community leaders conducting registration drives in events around the state.

RESULTS: The campaign registered 22,000 new Hispanic voters, far exceeding the goal of 10,000. Additionally, the campaign received vast media coverage generating 30 print, 6 radio, and 5 TV interviews in just a 2 month-period.

Strategic Communication, Case Study 2

CLIENT: National Penn Bank

AGENCY: Bauza & Associates

PROBLEM: National Penn Bank recognized the potential of a growing Hispanic population in areas they serve. The bank needed to build a relationship with this new emerging market.

CULTURAL INSIGHTS: There is a lack of trust in financial institutions by Hispanics because banks in Latin countries usually charge very high fees, checking accounts are mostly for businesses, and there is a strong cash culture for paying bills and saving money, especially among the older, traditional generation.

ACTION: I created two communication strategies. For the older and traditional generation, the message was to promote the free saving and checking accounts as well as the benefits of saving money in the bank to avoid being a victim of robbery. For the young Latino market, the millennials, the strategy was to promote basic financial literacy among students through college radio interviews on healthy financial habits, building a credit history, and understanding students loans.

RESULTS: After a year-long campaign, National Penn Bank was voted the People’s Favorite Bank Award 2010 in a survey by readers of the prominent Spanish newspaper in the region, El Torero.

Strategic Communication, Case Study 3

CLIENT: Cornell Scott Hill Health Center (CSHHC)

AGENCY: Omniculture Communications

PROBLEM:  Latino demographic has stigmas on mental health issues and CSHHC needed to promote its mental health service.

CULTURAL INSIGHTS: Latino culture stigmatizes people with mental illness. Calling someone “loco” (crazy) is a joke. They feel they have to resolve issues themselves or they get advice from their closest friends avoiding seeking professional help, especially in a machismo society.

ACTION: I created a copywriting ad using an old saying: “los hombres no lloran” (boys don’t cry) to get Latinos attention. The target audience was the parents because they do everything for their children. Parents might not admit they need mental health service for themselves, but they might get it for their children. See copy ad here.

RESULTS: The ad has been published successfully for over a year in the Spanish media newspapers by CSHHC.


New Media

I produced a website for the Latino and Native American Film Festival, LANAFF, in collaboration with the technology department at Southern Connecticut State University. My role included developing the website content and creating a Facebook fan page to build an online community.

Video Production

I wrote two proposals and secured two grants from the Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies at Yale University to produce a documentary about the controversial Incan artifacts held at Yale for nearly a century. These artifacts have been at the center of a long and bitter custody battle between the government of Perú and Yale University. My role included directing all aspects of the film production, managing budget distribution, writing the script, and managing a team of editors, videographers, and volunteers.

Print Production

I wrote a proposal and secured a grant and founded a college magazine for the School of Communications at University San Martín de Porres in Lima, Perú. My role included directing all aspects of magazine production. (pdf)

Media Spokesperson

I served as a Spanish spokesperson on behalf of National Penn Bank to raise awareness on identity theft and promote a Shred Day event on the Hispanic media, WFMZ Channel 69 from PA.


Writing Samples

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving (pdf)

Connecticut Secretary of the State (pdf)

Gillette (pdf)

Procter & Gamble (pdf)

Translations & Transcreations

Health Service at Cornell Scott Hill Health Center, English (pdf),  Spanish (pdf)

Behavioral Health at Cornell Scott Hill Health Center, English  (pdf), Spanish (pdf)


Opinion Editorial about the fall of Alberto Fujimori, former Peruvian President arrested of facing charges of corruption and human rights abuses (pdf)

Investigative report about the Andean farming village of Tambogrande in Perú, where the Canadian company Manhattan Minerals found almost 5 grams of gold for each square meter, as well as silver and copper, but the villagers refused to be relocated by the government (pdf)

Investigative report exposing the receipt of bribes by former Peruvian Minister of Defense, Walter Ledesma from Zwi Sudit Wasserman, an arms supplier for the Peruvian army (pdf)